Castelated plastic strip

Ending element Förpackningsstorlek: If the macro test shows penetration beyond the depth of preparation, an increase in design throat thickness up to that shown in Figure 9. Transverse butt tensile test Certification of welding supervisors—Structural steel welding Composite structures Part 1: Double lacing systems and single lacing systems mutually opposed in direction on opposite sides of two main components shall not be combined with members or diaphragms perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the compression member, except for tie plates as specified in Clause 6. Guidance on the effects of the stiffness of a torsional restraint on the resistance to lateral buckling is given in Paragraph H5. Design resistance effect—the resistance effect computed from the loads and design capacities contributing towards the stability limit state resistance.

Limitations on use The use of an oversize or slotted hole shall be limited so that the following requirements are satisfied:

AS4100 standards

The established column line is the actual field line most representative of the centres of the as-built anchor bolt groups along a line of columns. Längd [mm] Välj Från Till For earthquake load combinations, the design action effects specified in this Clause may need to be increased to meet the required behaviour of the steel frame and shall comply with Section The detail categories for shear stress are given in Table A structure is durable if it withstands the expected wear and deterioration throughout its intended life without the need for undue maintenance. For a friction-type connection which is subject to shear force in the plane of the interfaces, and for which slip under serviceability loads shall be avoided, the capacity factor - shall be taken as 0.


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